Building Tall and Building Wide

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3 Essentials You Should Know About Land Development

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Land development refers to altering the form and landscape of a piece of land to suit specific usage needs. First, you can change the landform of a raw piece from its semi-natural or natural state for purposes such as residential housing and agriculture. The process of development also includes subdivision and demarcation of the land into smaller lots. Often this process helps reorganise the area and personalise ownership as you set up structures on the land. Read More»

Tips for Building a Free-Standing Metal Pergola

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Pergolas are outdoor structures made up of columns supporting a roofing grid. The grid often consists of rafters and beams with enough strength to support a roof. Usually, you can leave the top open to enhance the natural outdoor feel or shelter it to protect the space from weather elements. You have many alternatives when it comes to the materials you can use to build your pergola. Metal is one of them, and it offers incredible strength and reliability compared to other materials. Read More»

The Many Different Faces Of Brick Pavers

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Pavers are part of the iconography of Australian homes, with many gardens and front yards displaying them as an integral part of their design. However, if you are considering remodelling your garden or outdoor living spaces, then you probably want to do it in a unique fashion, and many people find that traditional features like brick pavers are overdone. The truth is that while the most common form of brick pavers are very popular, there are dozens of different variations on the classic brick paver that are far less known about but just as durable and beautiful. Read More»

All You Need To Know About Commercial Scaffolding

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Commercial buildings will span for tens or even hundreds of floors. Scaffolding is an instant solution for workers laying bricks or conducting electric, glazing, and painting works on the upper floors. Below some things that you should know about commercial scaffolding. 1. Always Choose The Right Scaffold What type of scaffold will you use at your site? Steel and cantilever scaffolds are ideal for outdoor use. They can hold massive weights and are often used to construct skyscrapers. Read More»

What Makes Timber Supplies an Ecologically Sustainable Choice for Residential Construction?

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Although timber is one of the oldest construction materials, there has been a gradual shift towards engineered supplies such as steel and aluminium under the impression that the use of wood is harming the planet. Although deforestation is a major concern, you should know that sourcing responsibly harvested lumber goes a long way in curbing environmental degradation. Additionally, while decreasing the reliance on timber products is well-meant, the reality is that wood remains a green alternative when compared to engineered materials for various reasons. Read More»

Errors You Should Never Make In Industrial Construction Projects

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Industrial construction is a sector that involves building power plants and specialised facilities. These projects also involve the design, installation and maintenance of these structures. Thus, industrial construction companies need to have specific skills and equipment. If you have an industrial construction project coming up, then you have to plan. That means understanding the things to do and what to avoid. Knowing these aspects will ensure success in your project. Here are some mistakes you should never make in your industrial construction project. Read More»

Why Your Business Could Have Asbestos In It And What You Need To Do About It

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There is no more dreaded word in the real estate industry than “asbestos.” For many decades, asbestos was an integral part of construction in both a friable and bonded form, and many buildings still contain asbestos that has not yet been removed. If you have never had your business premises checked for asbestos, then there is no time like the present, as the longer you wait the more chance you have of potential asbestos fibres getting into the air. Read More»

Key Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Equipment

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Commercial painting extends beyond painting the walls, roofs and floors of businesses. Paint can also be applied to machines as a way of increasing their productivity and longevity. In addition to water-based or epoxy paints, contractors also use coatings and finishing materials to cover the exposed surfaces of commercial equipment. The uses cases of painting machines are extensive. Some coatings help prevent rust, while others prevent damage from abrasion, vibration and high temperatures. Read More»

Three things to check on your HVAC cooling tower

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The cooling tower is an essential part of your HVAC system. When your HVAC system is operating correctly, it will ensure that the temperature in your home or office remains at exactly the right level whatever conditions may be like outside. However, when the HVAC system fails, then you will soon notice the difference as the conditions inside the building begin to resemble those in the open air. One of the biggest causes of HVAC failure is problems with your cooling tower often leading to an expensive cooling tower repair. Read More»