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Tips for Building a Free-Standing Metal Pergola

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Pergolas are outdoor structures made up of columns supporting a roofing grid. The grid often consists of rafters and beams with enough strength to support a roof. Usually, you can leave the top open to enhance the natural outdoor feel or shelter it to protect the space from weather elements. You have many alternatives when it comes to the materials you can use to build your pergola. Metal is one of them, and it offers incredible strength and reliability compared to other materials. The following piece will give you some of the tips you need for building a metal pergola.

Identify and Map Out the Area

The first step is to identify the right location for your pergola. You have more flexibility if you choose to have a roof over the pergola. With an open pergola, you might need to have it close to trees so that you can take advantage of shade from trees. Proceed to measure out the location you chose by placing a stake in one corner. Use a long piece of string and mark the appropriate distance. Add a second stake and loop your string around it. Repeat until all the corners of the pergola are clear. Ideally, you should go for a straightforward square or rectangle shape.

Dig the Foundation

Adding features such as wooden decks and patios to the floor requires a little digging of the area. You need to do this before bringing in the vertical posts. The best option is to lay the foundation directly in the garden, and digging it up ensures that you will get maximum support from the soil underneath. Simultaneously, remove the stakes and dig holes for the incoming vertical metal poles.

Install the Vertical Posts

The vertical elements are the highlight of the pergola. Start by choosing straight pieces of metal with equal length. Cut these pieces to size using a hacksaw and follow up by drilling holes on one end. The drilled end will be the top section of the posts. Place the metal posts inside the holes and reinforce using stones. Spread some soil around the stones and stump gently until you have firm support for the poles.

Install the Top Fittings

Take six pieces of metal and cut them to a size equivalent to the distance between the posts. Drill holes on both sides of the metal pieces, and start fitting from the middle to the outer section of the pergola. Repeat until you have the pieces distributed evenly over the top. These fittings will allow you to add a roof when you want to or support climbing plants for added beauty.

If you need help, reach out to local pergola builders today.