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Key Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Equipment

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Commercial painting extends beyond painting the walls, roofs and floors of businesses. Paint can also be applied to machines as a way of increasing their productivity and longevity. In addition to water-based or epoxy paints, contractors also use coatings and finishing materials to cover the exposed surfaces of commercial equipment. The uses cases of painting machines are extensive. Some coatings help prevent rust, while others prevent damage from abrasion, vibration and high temperatures.

Each type of machine will have unique needs with regards to painting. But with the help of your contractor, you can protect commercial equipment from damage during daily operation. Here are some of the benefits of painting your machines.

Elevate your brand

If your machines don't require a special coating to enhance performance, you should still consider painting them for marketing purposes. Indeed, large equipment can elevate your brand by displaying your logo in front of customers. Using the right combination of colours, you can turn a dull-looking commercial oven into a work of art that your customers will enjoy looking at. Painting for this purpose also gives you more options because you don't have to select a specific type of coating material.

Whether you prefer a spray-on option or a shiny oil-based paint, you have the freedom to choose what best elevates your brand.

Prevent rust

One of the most important reasons to paint equipment is so that you can prevent rust and corrosion. If your machines operate in a wet or humid environment, corrosion may occur on exposed parts over time. Luckily, painting contractors can apply a variety of special coatings to slow down or eliminate corrosion.

Epoxy coatings are a popular option, as they are non-toxic, easy to apply and beneficial for many different functions. Metal finishes are also popular because they create a clean, smooth finish on the surface of your machines.

Protection against temperature and pressure fluctuations

If your equipment is exposed to extreme temperature and pressure conditions, you may consider adding a protective coating such as urethane or epoxy. Such coatings can absorb UV radiation, withstand high fluctuations in temperature, and remain tightly bound to your machines even when the pressure is high. In this way, your equipment parts aren't exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Coatings such as urethane come in a variety of colours that make it easier for you to match a specific branding theme.

Ease of maintenance

Painting your equipment also reduces maintenance costs and workflows. With a proper coating on the machine, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and the downtime that a broken-down machine would cause. For example, coatings reduce the likelihood of damage from dirt and grime that would otherwise accumulate on your equipment if it wasn't properly coated.

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