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The Many Different Faces Of Brick Pavers

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Pavers are part of the iconography of Australian homes, with many gardens and front yards displaying them as an integral part of their design. However, if you are considering remodelling your garden or outdoor living spaces, then you probably want to do it in a unique fashion, and many people find that traditional features like brick pavers are overdone. The truth is that while the most common form of brick pavers are very popular, there are dozens of different variations on the classic brick paver that are far less known about but just as durable and beautiful. Here are some variations you might want to consider before you rule out brick pavers for your home.


Brick pavers have a reputation for being quite tough and corrosive on the surface, but there are many types of pavers that are actually quite smooth to the touch. It all comes down to personal preference; texture is not a one size fits all. If you are looking for pavers in a more highly trafficked area like near a pool or on the way to a washing line, then softer pavers are more suitable for when you will be walking barefoot. If your pavers are located in more rough environments, such as around garden features like fountains or flower beds, then rough pavers are a better idea.


Brick pavers do not need to be laid with boring patterns as you will find in many older developments. Modern designers and construction contractors can create elaborate patterns that are custom-fitted to your space so that they look incredible and truly are one of a kind. When speaking to a brick paving specialist, ask them about how they envision these pavers looking and what they can do to create a feature out of them. Brick pavers don't need to be dull, they can be as fun and interesting as you want them to be.


While red is no doubt a vibrant colour, there are other, just as dazzling colours that you can pick out for your brick pavers like white or yellow. If you want to go for a colour that doesn't draw attention to itself and is far more reserved, then black brick pavers are probably more your style. Remember, colour is important especially when you match it against the rest of your outdoor living area. Creating a blend of colours that looks organic and natural is crucial to an amazing backyard, so think hard about what colour you want and how it will fit into your style.

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