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Why Put Privacy Film or Tint on Your Home Windows?

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When it comes to your home’s residential windows, you may want to consider adding some privacy tint or film on the inside, especially in certain rooms and on certain windows. This type of tint or film can help protect your home and even enhance your view to the outside; note how and why this is, as well as some other advantages offered by privacy film, and which windows you might want to consider covering with this material. Read More»

How to Improve Your Home's Overall Look and Style With Windows

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The windows in your home are very important for its overall look and style; windows let in light and fresh air, and can also provide an interesting visual appeal when you dress them with stylish curtains or other accessories. If you’ve never given much thought to your home’s windows and only have the standard single-hung option in every room, note a few ways to improve your home’s overall look with new, stylish windows. Read More»