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How to Improve Your Home's Overall Look and Style With Windows

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The windows in your home are very important for its overall look and style; windows let in light and fresh air, and can also provide an interesting visual appeal when you dress them with stylish curtains or other accessories. If you've never given much thought to your home's windows and only have the standard single-hung option in every room, note a few ways to improve your home's overall look with new, stylish windows.

Add awning windows to the bottom

Awning windows can be added to the bottom of existing windows, and these work very well for picture windows or stationary windows in particular. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. An awning window means more light and air into the home, but the angle of the pane when it's opened blocks rain from getting inside. Awning windows can really open up a room, and also make an otherwise small window seem more proportionate to a large space.

Add additional panes

If you don't want to add height to the windows in a room, consider if you can widen the windows with additional panes. If two windows in a room are separated by some wall space, have that wall cut out and add a pane of glass between those windows. You can also add stationary windows to the left and right of windows; since stationary windows can be of any size, these panes can be very small, but they can still add quite a bit of light and brightness to the space.  

Add thicker frames

If you're replacing or repairing windows, consider using thicker frames. While you want a large piece of glass to allow for more light and air, a thicker frame around the windows can also mean a more striking visual feature in a room. Opt for a wood frame that you can have painted in a colour that will stand out against the home's wall colours, and your windows will become a style accent to the room's decor.

Go frameless

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you might consider stationary windows without frames. These windows can be inserted directly inside the home's framework, with only an invisible line of sealant around the edge to keep them secure. For a very large, frameless picture or stationary window, you may need toughened glass to keep it secure and strong, but this can add lots of style to your home, and make the interior seem bigger and brighter.