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Why Put Privacy Film or Tint on Your Home Windows?

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When it comes to your home's residential windows, you may want to consider adding some privacy tint or film on the inside, especially in certain rooms and on certain windows. This type of tint or film can help protect your home and even enhance your view to the outside; note how and why this is, as well as some other advantages offered by privacy film, and which windows you might want to consider covering with this material.

Improve the view

If the view out a particular window in the home gets lots of direct sunlight throughout the day, this can actually mean a glare and so much brightness that the view is actually obscured! If the glare is too bright, you may not even be able to look out that window at all without feeling blinded. Adding film in a light tint can block that glare and allow you to actually enjoy the view of the horizon without squinting, and without waiting for the sun to pass over the horizon.


It's good to have a certain level of privacy in many rooms of your home, including the bedroom, office, and family room, even if you're just lounging and relaxing. However, you may not always want to close the blinds or shades completely to obscure that view. Privacy film can offer some blockage of the inside of your home without blacking out the windows, or keeping you from enjoying the view to the outside.

Enhance the appearance

Privacy film is tinted to block sunlight, but it can also be tinted simply to add colour to windows. If your home's exterior siding is blue or grey, a bluish tint to the windows can help coordinate all the home's exterior surfaces. If you have a red brick home, a reddish tint can also make the windows fit more easily with the home's exterior surface. This can ensure the home looks visually appealing from the outside as much as possible.

Sunlight protection

Timber floors, delicate furniture upholstery, and delicate houseplants can all be damaged by too much sun exposure. Hot, direct sunlight can also damage certain electronics and cause computers and other such pieces to run hotter than they should, resulting in extra wear and tear on their components. By adding privacy film to windows in rooms with these types of surfaces, furniture, and other such pieces, you don't need to worry about potential damage due to overexposure to the sun.