Building Tall and Building Wide

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Excavation And Plant Hire Tips

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As a contractor, you regularly need plant equipment to conduct various construction projects. Since plant equipment is expensive, plant hire is often the most reasonable choice. Below is an extract with some exciting insights to guide you as you hire plant equipment.  Tip 1: Always Start With A Site Inspection In a rush to hire the plant equipment and commence the construction works, most contractors forget the most significant consideration when hiring plant equipment; conducting a site inspection. Read More»

Is a Topographical Survey Necessary Before Residential Construction?

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Before developing a lot, you could start working with a property land surveyor. This professional carries out a range of surveys to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the land that you want to build on. And one survey that is often prioritised is a topographical survey. Unlike a boundary survey, for example, that determines property lines, a topographical survey focuses on the ascent of the lot. Hence, the land surveyor will use this survey to determine the size and height of features on the lot, the slope of the terrain and so on. Read More»

3 Tips to Save Money When Fitting Out Your Retail Shop

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The fit out is the face of every retail shop. Before customers view your merchandise, the first things they see are the fittings and how well they are organised. Thus, a good fit out can attract potential customers into your store. However, fitting out a retail store isn’t cheap. From buying materials and supplies to hiring several contractors, the process can put a dent in your finances. Therefore, you need to create the perfect fit out without breaking the bank. Read More»

Subdividing Your Land: Three Things to Consider

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If you are thinking of subdividing a piece of land so it can be used to construct properties, you may be looking for info that will help you to successfully plan the project. This article takes a look at three things you should consider before you set out to subdivide your land. The number of properties One of the most important decisions to take is the number of houses you wish to build. Read More»

The Various Advantages of Rural Steel Sheds

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A shed is a necessity on a rural farm. It is a perfect structure for storing farm animals, supplies, feed, tools and equipment, and more. There’s simply no end to the uses you can find for a rural farm shed. In recent years, steel sheds have become increasingly popular among rural farmers. This trend can be attributed to the fact that steel performs better than traditional wood sheds in so many ways. Read More»