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Two topics to discuss with your painter

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Are you in need of a painter? A fresh coat of paint has a way of reinvigorating any property, yet if you try to carry out the painting yourself, the job can quickly turn into a disaster. If you have ever attempted to paint a room, you will know how frustrating it can be to return to a room a few hours after finishing the work and see all the areas that you missed while painting or the sections of the wall where the paint ran, creating an amateurish appearance. While painting may look easy, it isn't as simple as you might think to create a great-looking finish. When the quality of the work matters, it's best to call a professional painter to do the work. There are at least two things that you must discuss with any painter you are thinking about hiring.

The value of experience

When you talk to any professional painter, one of the first things you must talk about is whether they have relevant experience. Ask them whether they have done similar work in other houses, and ask to see any photographs or testimonials relating to that work. It is also advisable to find out as much as possible about how they intend to complete the job. Ask them what equipment they will be using and whether there are any parts of the job that could present a challenge. Question them about anything concerning you, such as what preparation work may be needed, how they will achieve a good finish on an uneven surface, or if there is a way to reach into a particularly awkward corner. A good painter will be happy to explain their way of working and reassure you that they have the experience you need.

The best equipment

Something else that you will want to discuss with the painter is the equipment and materials they will bring to the job. Naturally, you will want some input into the colours used for the painting, but there is more to painting than picking a colour. As a professional painter, they should have access to trade paints and good quality brushes to ensure they can achieve a brilliant finish on any surface. Using good-quality paint may be more expensive than the supplies from your local store, but if it means fewer coats of paint are needed or the finish is more even, it's the right choice.