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Things You Didn't Know About Bathroom Renovations

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Your bathroom is supposed to be one of the cosiest rooms in your home. While its primary purpose is to carry out hygiene tasks, this room plays a significant role in determining the value of your property. This is the reason most homeowners carry out bathroom renovations when they realise that their bathroom is not as functional and cosy as it was before. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom soon, be sure to consider the following tips.

Install towel bars in a ventilated area

Towel bars are designed to keep your face, hand and bath towels in an accessible area. So as you remodel your bathroom, be sure to pick an ideal location that's well ventilated and far from the toilet bowl. If you don't, your towels will be an ideal breeding spot for germs because the moisture won't dry as quickly. If you use such towels, you will spread bacteria on your skin. Your towels should also be washed after three uses to eliminate the dead skin cells and the musty scent.

Opt for materials that are easy to maintain

Most people are too busy to maintain their bathrooms daily. If you are one of them, consider planning for less maintenance when renovating your bathroom. Some main culprits that make bathroom maintenance difficult include the tiles and grout lines — keeping those tiles and lines as white and clean as they were originally isn't easy. So as you choose your renovation materials, consider staying away from white grout lines and tiles. If you cannot avoid tiles, be sure to choose the largest ones as opposed to the standard bathroom wall tiles. This will make maintenance easier.

Never assume that the contractor knows what you need

One of the best ways to ensure your bathroom renovations project is a success is to hire a skilled and experienced contractor. While the professional already knows how to remodel a bathroom, you should never assume that they know what you need. It's your responsibility to tell them about your remodel ideas, and then they'll also share their recommendations. You can choose whether to incorporate their expert concepts into your new bathroom layout. The goal is to ensure the bathroom is customised to meet your needs.

Ensure the bathroom is properly ventilated

Most property owners don't prioritise ventilation when remodelling the bathroom. Without proper ventilation, it will be easy for moisture to build up in the room, causing the growth of mildew and mould. Moreover, excess moisture ruins the walls and ceiling, destroying your newly remodelled bathroom.

Contact a renovation contractor to learn more.