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Does Your Shower Need Re-Grouting? Here Are the Three Signs to Watch Out For

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Grouting is one of the essential parts of the bathroom floor installation process. When the installation is properly done, your bathroom will serve you with a lot of ease and convenience. On the other hand, when the installation is done shoddily, the quality of drainage will diminish before the bathroom has served its purpose well, and you will be left doing repairs more often than you need to. It is also important to know that even with excellent installation and maintenance, bathroom tiles still age and the grout still disintegrates. Here are some of the most common signs that you may need to re-grout your shower.

Excessive Mould Growth

One of the subtle indicators that your shower is retaining more moisture than it should is when mould starts developing in the spaces between your tiles. Mould is not uncommon in the bathroom; however, when regular cleaning with household bleach and other cleaners does not work, it could be an indication that water is seeping beneath the tiles, which is caused by loose grout. If your bathroom has uncontrolled mould growth, you will need to remove both the grout and caulk, which is best done by professionals.

Presence of Loose Bathroom Tiles

As the grout ages, the grip it has on bathroom tiles loosens. As a result of the lost grip, the tiles start coming apart. As more tiles loosen, space is created for water to seep into the space between the tile and the caulk. The presence of water in this space worsens the grout problem. It is advisable to have re-grouting done as soon as you notice loose tiles because ignoring the problem will worsen it.

Wet Bathroom Floor

The third common indicator that you need to repair the grout in your bathroom is the presence of water on the bathroom floor at all times. As the grout loosens, the water from showering seeps behind the tiles. This water is then released back onto the floor when you step on the tiles. You may notice that no matter how much draining you do to your bathroom, it still retains moisture, which is a sign of grout problems.

Only a professional can assess your bathroom and decide whether you only need to re-grout or if the caulking also needs repair. With a shower re-grouting and sealing contractor, you will not have to worry about mould, water damage and general property damage, which comes from grouting problems.