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Do You Need a Centrifugal Pump for Your Specific Operation?

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If you have a commercial operation of any kind and want to move a liquid from one level to another, you need a specific type of pump. What is the best solution here, and what factors do you need to consider?

First Choice

Many people in your situation will choose a centrifugal pump. This consists of an impeller that rotates at high speed and displaces the liquid from the centre to the periphery, using centrifugal force. A centrifugal pump is able to handle very large quantities of fluid at a high flow rate. The exact performance will depend on the size of the pump itself and the piping system in place, although most pump options will give the ability to adjust the flow rate as needed.

Centrifugal Pump Efficiency

If the fluid in question is relatively lightweight or has a low viscosity, the centrifugal pump will definitely be your best choice. Those who need to deal with heavier oils or more viscous liquids may need to choose a positive displacement pump. As that type of pump will not have to work as hard, it may help to lower the overall utility costs.

Know What You Are Working with

Before you proceed, you should fully understand the nature of the fluid you are handling. If it is anything other than water, you should calculate its density to come up with a mass per unit of volume reading. This will affect the type of pump and, more specifically, its power so you can transport that specific liquid effectively. If the fluid needs to be pumped under pressure, make sure that you get a machine that is designed to cope. After all, it may need upgraded seals or gaskets for everyday operation.

Additional Fluid Characteristics

Further, understand the characteristics of the fluid and how it may change across temperature variance. Some fluids may vaporise at specific temperatures, and you will need to avoid this by configuring your system properly. If the fluid vaporises, it can cause a condition known as cavitation. Bubbles can develop within the liquid, which will certainly affect throughput, and in the worst case, damage can be caused to the pump should the fluid evaporate completely.

Getting Further Advice

As you can see, there are many factors to take into account when choosing the best type of pump for your operation. To make sure that you pick correctly, talk with a pump installer that offers products like Davey pumps. They will know how each product works in a variety of different environments and advise you accordingly.