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Do you need help from a building surveyor?

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Whether selling your property or buying a home, a building surveyor can be an invaluable part of your team. If you have never worked with building surveyors before, you may be surprised at the number of ways that they could help your project. They could guide your decisions by identifying health and safety concerns during a building project to helping to plan a loft conversion or garage extension. Here are two occasions when you could benefit from calling a building surveyor.

Preparing a building survey report

If you have an existing property that you own, or perhaps that you are considering buying, it is always valuable to understand the precise condition of the property. A report by a building surveyor could highlight issues such as dampness in walls, damage to any timber or masonry that is present in the building. The report will indicate any evidence of subsidence or signs of asbestos or other hazardous materials in the property. The building survey report will also look at the legal documentation and pinpoint any alterations to the property over time. They will check that all renovations were completed in line with the received permits. Many building reports could indicate what materials were used in the property construction and provide recommendations on areas that could benefit from more detailed investigations.

Preparing for planning permission

If you are planning to build a new property, or extend an existing dwelling there are going to be numerous challenges to be overcome before the building process can start. Planning permission is likely to be one of the most formidable obstacles you face. Building surveyors can help you to secure planning permission by preparing a report that shows that your work will be completed safely. If you live in a conservation area or you are seeking to extend a listed property, the report from the building surveyor will be an essential part of the application process. If planning permission is needed and you proceed without it, you could be subject to substantial fines or find that you must tear down your new property and restore it to its original condition. Bringing in building surveyors can smooth the planning permission process and provide you with valuable advice at every stage.

Once the work has been started, there is still a role for building surveyors. They can examine the completed work and identify any faults or problems with the work. They can also look for areas where the work may not comply with the planning permission.