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Excavation And Plant Hire Tips

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As a contractor, you regularly need plant equipment to conduct various construction projects. Since plant equipment is expensive, plant hire is often the most reasonable choice. Below is an extract with some exciting insights to guide you as you hire plant equipment. 

Tip 1: Always Start With A Site Inspection

In a rush to hire the plant equipment and commence the construction works, most contractors forget the most significant consideration when hiring plant equipment; conducting a site inspection. The primary benefit of this assessment is that it enables you to match a specific machine with your site. For instance, some residential areas have strict noise regulations. In this case, you could opt for electric-powered plant equipment. On the other hand, if the site contains muddy or rocky terrain, you could opt for a tracked earthmover. 

Tip 2: Always Inspect The Equipment Beforehand

Time is a critical factor for any construction project. Poorly kept plant equipment will break down at the site, thus leading to downtime. For this reason, you should inspect the equipment you hire to ensure it does not contain defects that could cause it to break down. If possible, you should ask the hiring company to provide recent service and inspection reports. 

Tip 3: Negotiate The Terms Of Hire

Below are some things to negotiate before signing the rental contract: 

  • Definition of the hiring period: You will want to know when the hiring period begins and ends. Ideally, it should start when the equipment arrives at your site and end when it leaves the site. You will spend more if it begins when the equipment leaves the company's premises.
  • Breaks in the rental period: For long-term hire, you can ask the company not to charge when the equipment is not in use.
  • After-hire services: A reputable rental company will offer transport, repair, and maintenance services.
  • Insurance: The equipment should be comprehensively insured. Otherwise, you will incur extra costs in case of an accident at the site. 

Tip 4: Observe Safety During Operation

Safety is a critical aspect of plant equipment operation. The most vital consideration is ensuring that the earthmover is operated by qualified personnel. Additionally, all other employees should understand the plant equipment's operation protocol. For instance, they should know the line of operation and the operator's blind spots. You should not exceed the plant's limits. For example, it is not uncommon to find a contractor who exceeds the weight limits of a crane. Such activities will weaken the equipment's frame and cause catastrophic problems. 

Top excavation and plant hire tips include conducting site inspections, examining the plant equipment, negotiating the terms of hire, and observing operational safety.