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Why You Should Choose CFA Augers for Your Foundation Work

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If you have an ongoing construction project in a busy city centre location, then you will need to work as efficiently and practically as possible without causing too much disruption to the neighbourhood. Your work may need to go on throughout the working day when people could easily be disturbed in a nearby office or school, so you need to choose equipment that can get the work done easily but without a lot of vibration. In order to dig those foundations properly, you should consider using CFA rigs, as they are perfect for this type of challenge.


CFA stands for continuous flight auger. CFAs are in widespread use when building smaller structures or working within tight confines. These machines allow pilots to be driven into most soil conditions, although they may not be suitable if the terrain beneath is unpredictable.

Efficient Action

This is an all-in-one approach to digging foundations, as the machine can remove the soil and introduce the concrete in one combined movement.

To begin with, the rig will rotate an auger string down into the ground, displacing the soil as it goes. Once that is done, it will then inject liquid concrete under pressure into the middle of the auger. Then, when the auger is withdrawn, the concrete is left in place while the soil is extracted. All that remains is to clear the area of any residue before adding the steel reinforcement.


There's no need for any additional ground structure, as the auger is self-supporting during rotation. Once it has been withdrawn, the concrete will provide plenty of defence against lateral pressure as it will be reinforced with steel.

Perfect Approach

This approach is ideal for low-level residential or commercial buildings, where the underlying nature of the soil may be predictable. You can choose from a range of bore sizes depending on the foundation to be drilled, and you can typically bore down to a depth of 20 m to provide an adequate level of support. Remember, these machines emit a low level of noise and are practically vibration-free, so you can continue your work around the clock if necessary.

Choosing Your Solution

Talk with your construction team to see if CFA augers will be perfect for your project. You should be able to complete the work according to schedule with minimal disruption to the nearby community.

For more information, contact a foundation boring company.