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Do You Need a Chiller or a Freezer for Your New Restaurant?

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If you plan to open a new restaurant in your town or city, then you may be in the process of choosing fixtures, fittings and equipment. This is going to be a particularly large facility and you intend to have a good turnover, so you need to make sure that you choose top-quality gear. You certainly need to pay a lot of attention to your kitchen because this is where most of the action happens, after all, but you need to pay an equal amount of attention to your storage facility from a safety and durability point of view. With this in mind, do you need to get a cold room or a freezer, and what is the difference between them anyway?

Equipment Choice

Above all else, you will need to ensure that your food is high quality and need to look after it from the moment it gets onto your premises. Of course, different types of food will require a different approach to care and will need to be stored at certain temperatures. This is essentially the difference between a cold room and freezer, but in your situation, you may need both.

Walk-In Chiller

For example, a walk-in cold room can be configured to store any consumables that may be used within a short space of time. The temperature can be set at between 2 and 12°C so that these consumables are chilled nicely. You may need a cold room that can be set to operate in two zones, if you need to maintain a temperature which is a little lower than this. Some consumables may need to last for up to a few weeks at a time. In this case, you may need a cold room that can be set to just below freezing.

Walk-In Freezer

On the other hand, you may like to buy certain foodstuffs in bulk, which is inexpensive, but you will need somewhere to store them for weeks at a time. In this case, you will need a walk-in freezer, but this has to be completely separate to your chiller. These freezers can be set to a temperature as low as -22°C, and anything stored within will be deep frozen until it's time you to transfer over to the chiller.

Best Choice

Always get the best quality equipment when you are buying chillers and freezers, and make sure that they are correctly installed or constructed. Contact a company that handles freezer room construction for more information.