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3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Construction Project Is as Fire Safe as Possible

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While Australia has very strict building codes regulating all different types of safety measures, there is still room to be more proactive against the dangers of an indoor fire. Every year there are thousands of home and business fires in Australia; with a little extra protection in the design of these buildings, this number could be reduced and lives could be saved. Before any project begins, you should always discuss adding as much fire protection as possible. Here are three ways that are relatively easy to implement that could save lives in the event of a fire.

1. Fire Doors

A relatively unknown part of fire prevention and protection, fire doors are important because they help prevent the spread of the fire in the crucial moments when people are escaping and the fire department is on the way. Fire doors have several ratings that describe how long they are able to resist fire (typically one to two hours) and how long the door itself will remain cool (generally 30 minutes). The type of fire door you install depends on whether the building is residential or commercial. Remember to always get your fire door from a licensed vendor and to give the owner details on how often the door needs to be checked to ensure it remains in working order.

2. Fire Blankets 

Fire blankets are good at containing small fires and are typically used in situations where a fire extinguisher might worsen the fire, such as grease fires. This means that fire blankets are better kept in or around the kitchen. For this reason, a fire blanket may not be useful in some buildings. However, encouraging homeowners to keep a fire blanket near the kitchen is a good idea. You can get a fire blanket for as little as $20, which is a tiny price to pay for a safety device that may end up saving your life. 

3. Fire Extinguisher

The most popular and widespread method of early fire prevention is, of course, the fire extinguisher. What many people do not know is that there are quite a few different options when buying a fire extinguisher and not every fire extinguisher is suitable for every fire. Here are the different types of fire extinguisher that you may come across:

  • Water-based: these fire extinguishers are best suited to fighting fires on wood, cloth and other textiles. Never use a water-based fire extinguisher on a grease or petrol fire. 
  • Foam-based: these fire extinguishers can be used on multiple types of fires but are primarily used flammable liquids.
  • Carbon Dioxide-based: these fire extinguishers are best used on petrol and electrical fires.
  • Powder-based: these are the strongest and most versatile type of fire extinguisher. They can be used on almost all types of fires effectively. 

Remember when purchasing a fire extinguisher that you need to get it checked at regular intervals to ensure it still is in working condition.