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Unique Trends in Decorative Trench Grates

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Who says trench grates can only be functional? Today, homeowners want the trench grates in their new houses to meet quality, practical and aesthetic standards. As a budding interior design contractor, therefore, presenting boring grates that come in familiar shapes won't cut the mustard. It is your job as a budding interior design contractor to recommend drainage grates that align with the theme of your client's house, and it starts by keeping abreast with the latest decorative trench grates. If you don't know where to begin your search, then this is the perfect starting point. This article looks at the current trends in decorative trench grates.

Grate Lights -- One of the most current innovations in trench grates is the use of LED strip lights on the underside of grates. When the LED light is turned on, the drain comes alive as the light slips through the grate perforations. The result is a stunning effect inside and around the drain. Grate lights are best installed in drains that are located around the patio, swimming pool, garden, driveway, and the shower. To achieve a more dramatic effect, it is possible to use a variety of LED coloured lights. There is no doubt that grate lights will be great to your clients.

Bronze Grates -- For a long time, aluminium and plastic have been the primary material used in the manufacture of trench grates. That is changing now as bronze grates are making a comeback. Therefore, for clients that want to drain their patios, kitchen or pools in style, bronze grates would be the perfect fit. The medieval look on polished bronze grates will add a level of sophistication to the above sections of the house. Additionally, bronze grates are sturdier, which makes them appropriate for high-traffic parts of a house.

Hinged Grates -- As mentioned earlier, trench grates need to be as functional as possible. It means that homeowners shouldn't have to spend several minutes undoing a bolt holding the grate in place whenever they want to clean the drain. However, how do you assure your clients that the grates will be safe if they are not attached in some way? Enter hinged trench grates. One half of the grate remains attached to the ground and is connected to the other half through a hinge. When cleaning, homeowners only need to lift the hinged half without having to lift the entire grate out. It is important to remember that hinged grates are the best on short span drains that allow the grates to support heavy loads thereby preventing deformation of the grate bars.