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Why Choose 3D Modelling for a New Home Design?

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When you're ready to have a new home designed and built for you, it's good to consider having an architect create a 3D rendering of the home before you sign off on your plans. There are some very important reasons to consider a 3D rendering versus a standard blueprint or even two-dimensional sketches and drawings; note a few of those reasons here so you know your new home will turn out exactly as expected.

Furniture placement

A 3D rendering or drawing can allow you to better see how furniture will fit into a room and if the space would then seem too crowded or even too open and empty once your furniture pieces are situated. You might downsize certain rooms so they don't seem empty or have wasted space, or you might rework the home's overall footprint to make certain rooms larger and a better fit for oversized furniture pieces.


With a two-dimensional blueprint or drawing, you might get some idea of the size of windows in a home, but a 3D rendering can give you a much better view of those windows and how they fit the space. You might then realise that you want even larger windows than you planned or might decide on a different style of window so you have an unobstructed view to the outside or so you get more air circulation in the home. In some cases, you may even want to downsize the windows if you realise they would take up too much wall space and be awkward for your planned furniture arrangement.


Homeowners may assume that they like a particular style for a home's architecture, but once you see that style in a 3D rendering, you may realize that it's not to your taste at all! For example, a craftsman style home means lots of wood trim and wood features, and all that timber can be very attractive, but it can also be quite a bit of one material and somewhat overwhelming. Or you might also think you like the look of modern or industrial features, but once you see a 3D rendering of exposed ductwork and glass doors in a home, you might realise that the space seems a bit cold and sterile.

Whatever the case, having 3D modelling done means that you can better see how some of your design choices look so you can then make changes or modifications as needed.