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What You Need To Know Before Knock Down and Rebuilding

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When you purchase a house today, several years later, most of its features will be obsolete with the changing times. For instance, there was a period when houses had kitchen windows, but today that has changed to open plan kitchens. However, this should not force you to relocate to a new house as it costs money. You also may be used to the locality of your old home thus no need to change neighbourhoods. The best way to go about this is through renovations where you try to modify your house into something modern. This will keep you in the neighbourhood and help you save on the relocating cash. Here are some of the things you need to consider before knocking down and rebuilding your house.

  1. Council Regulations – This is one of the things which have to be considered even before planning for the renovation exercise. Before starting to plan, ensure that you contact the local authorities and find out their policies when it comes to house renovations. This is because certain areas have strict policies on renovations and you may risk incurring hefty fines if you do not adhere to them. Approval has to be granted by the council before any remodellings are contemplated as this will ensure the entire process is successful without unnecessary hurdles.
  2. Have a Blueprint for the Old House – A blueprint is a map of the entire house that can be used by contractors during the renovation. This is very important as it will direct the contractors on how to conduct the process successfully. They will be aware of any weak points in the house and devise ways to go about them. The blueprints are also able to show the underlying details such as electric and piping networks buried in the walls. Through this, they will be able to know what walls they can knock down and where the house can handle more weight during rebuilding. Some of the walls in your house do offer greater functions than just a partition. The knockdown and rebuild contractors have to be aware of this to avoid causing unintended damages.
  3. Talk To Experts When Doing It Yourself – Expert counsel comes in handy when performing the knock down rebuild yourself. This can be attained through experienced builders who will be able to offer advice on the entire process. The experts will give you a guideline on how the process is to be carried out making the work easier and faster.  Doing this for the first time can be tough as you probably have no idea what you are doing. The little bits of information from the professionals will ensure that you conduct the activity without any hurdles. This will also save on costs and the time as well