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Two crucial pieces of safety gear everyone should wear when performing ceiling repairs in an old building

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Repairing a ceiling in an old building can be quite a dangerous process. Here are two pieces of safety gear that all workers should wear when carrying out this type of activity, to reduce their chances of being harmed during the course of their work:


The ceilings in an old property are far more likely to contain potentially dangerous substances than ones found in newer buildings.

For example, because old properties tend to be poorly insulated, there is a very good chance that the building may have a damp problem and its ceilings may, therefore, contain mould particles. If inhaled, mould can damage a person's lungs and worsen existing respiratory problems.

Likewise, if the property was built more than three or four decades ago, its ceiling materials may contain asbestos, a toxic substance which can cause lung cancer if it is inhaled.

Any mould and asbestos in the ceiling may become airborne during the repair process, particularly if the ceiling needs to be torn down or cut open with saws or drills, as these activities will produce dust.

As such, it is important to make sure that everyone present in the property whilst this work is being carried out is provided with respirators. This should minimise the number of toxic airborne particles that they inhale whilst carrying out the ceiling repairs.

The filters on the respirator masks should be changed at the beginning of each work day; if they are not, they will become clogged up with debris, potentially to the point where they no longer provide adequate protection against dangerous airborne substances.

Hard hats

Even carefully-installed ceilings made with high-quality building materials will deteriorate as they age. If the ceiling you will be repairing is very old and is showing signs of structural issues (such as sagging and cracks, for example), it's essential to ensure that those carrying out the repairs wear hard hats at all times.

The reason for this is if an old ceiling which already has structural issues is disturbed (by, for example, using tools to tear down and replace sections of it), there is a chance that part of the ceiling will collapse unexpectedly.

If the ceiling materials fall onto someone's head, the person could suffer a serious wound, a fractured skull or a concussion. Given this, it is essential for everyone involved in the repair work to wear hard hats at all times.

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