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Residential Maintenance: What to Consider When Choosing Your Commercial Cleaner

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Residential cleaning and maintenance can be time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, if you have been struggling with keeping up with the related tasks, you should think about hiring a cleaning service. Professional cleaners will perform the cleanup work with more speed and efficiency. Besides, they can handle maintenance procedures which are difficult to handle alone such as cleaning carpets, polishing wood and moving furniture. If you are engaging a cleaner for the first time for something like an end of lease cleaning, here are the most important factors to consider before choosing the best company.

Cleaning Equipment

When hiring a cleaning service, you should think about the availability of equipment. In general, there are multiple types of cleaning machines which are necessary for the efficient maintenance of the home. For example, a professional grade carpet cleaning appliance might be required. You should inquire about the ability of your potential service to provide for your specific needs. Do not assume that the cleaners can deliver; confirm that they have a range of equipment. 

Type of Cleaning Agents

The cleaning agents used to clean your home can affect the results. Therefore, you should discuss the options with your service provider before confirming the hire. Some cleaning services might be open to using the bleach or detergent of your choice. However, this option might not be available in most cases because some pieces of cleaning equipment only work well with certain formulations. If this is your case, you should inquire whether they can use unscented soap or chemical-free cleaning methods. This choice will minimise the risk of changing the scent in your home. Also, an odourless solution is deal if you have respiratory condition or allergies which are triggered by alien chemicals.

Cost Structure

You should not choose your residential cleaning service by evaluating and comparing the price only. However, you should not ignore the factor altogether, especially if you would like a long-term relationship with the company. In general, it is advisable to ask about the price structure used to calculate the charges. For example, some companies might charge per-hour while others consider the type of work being performed. 

You can ask for quotes and make comparison under both options. Also, you should note that the price of cleaning can vary depending on the type of residence. For example, apartments and condos are more compact and inexpensive. Duplexes and town homes can be costlier to clean because of the expansive exterior space. Remember always to discuss payment ahead of time to avoid confusion.