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Why Civil Engineers Want Your Building Foundation to Have Reinforced Concrete

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When you are building your new home, you may be wondering why civil engineers suggest, and in some municipalities even push, to have the foundation made from reinforced concrete. There are several reasons for this, and many of them go far beyond simple stability for the home. Here are just a few of the reasons why civil engineers want your building foundation to have reinforced concrete and why you should consider agreeing to it if you are given the choice.

Reduced Sinking of Foundation

One of the issues that can occur with a home foundation, especially after storms that may cause soil erosion, is sinkage in the foundation. This can lead to uneven levels of the foundation, walls bowing and cracking, and the foundation cracking. This usually results in having to have the foundation repaired either through injection methods or through having the entire underpinning reworked. This is costly and may or may not give you the strength results you want. By using a reinforced concrete, you are reducing the chances of the concrete foundation cracking and bowing and helping maintain the strength of the foundation overall.

Moisture Prevention

Concrete foundations that are not reinforced are subject to moisture issues. Though it is true that you can have the foundation sealed with water treatment options, these still may not totally protect the concrete. If there is an area where the water seal is not as thick or the waterproofing membrane, when used, does not cover as well then you can have water and moisture seep into the area. With a reinforced concrete, you can help reduce the moisture that is accepted into the concrete and help reduce the chances of moisture related issues such cracking and breaking.

Weight Limits

One of the concerns that many people have is the durability of the concrete foundation to hold a certain weight. Keep in mind, the weight of the home not only consists of the home itself, but also the appliances as well as the furniture and even the daily weight and strain from simply living in the home. All of this needs to be considered, and those weight limits can be raised when a reinforced concrete is used. Reinforced concrete has a higher rate, around 150lb per cubic foot.

By keeping these reasons in mind, you can better understand why civil engineers stand their ground with reinforced concrete and how it can benefit your home. If you are ready to move forward with a reinforced concrete foundation, contact your local home builder for information on reinforcing materials and related options. For more information, contact a local civil engineer.