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Two Ways to Make the House-Building Process Less Stressful

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If you have plans to build a home but are concerned about the amount of stress this process is likely to invite into your life, don't worry; there are things that you can do to keep your stress levels down throughout this challenging period of time. Read on to find out more.

Visit the site regularly

One of the best ways to minimise the amount of stress you experience during the house-building process is to visit the site regularly (ideally, once a day).

This will achieve two things. Firstly, it will allow you monitor the construction work and ensure that it is progressing in accordance with the agreed-upon schedule of work. This will spare you the stress and hassle of discovering, at a late stage in the project, that delays have occurred and that the work will take longer than you anticipated.

Secondly, regular visits to the site will provide you with the chance to identify and resolve small problems before they escalate into serious, stress-inducing issues. For example, let's say that the wrong floor tiles have been ordered for the bathroom. If you are at the site every day, you will spot the mistake immediately and it will be easy to rectify; all you would need to do in this scenario is return the tiles and re-order the ones you originally wanted.

However, if you don't visit the site regularly, the wrong floor tiles will be fitted by your construction team. If this happens, your contractor will then have to rip them out and replace them. In this scenario, you would experience substantial cost overruns, in the form of additional labour and material expenses. This will, of course, make for a much more stressful house-building experience.

Prepare for extreme weather conditions

Extremely high or low temperatures, or heavy rain, can cause damage to construction materials and delays to the building process. However, if you are prepared for these types of weather conditions, you can reduce the likelihood of these stress-inducing issues arising.

If a heatwave is forecasted and your construction team needs to perform tasks (such as drilling or sawing) outdoors, consider purchasing a work tent, which will provide them with the shade they need to avoid problems like heat stroke. This type of tent can also prove useful during bouts of heavy rain.

If your home is being built in an area where rain showers occur on a regular basis, it would also be advisable to invest in several rolls of plastic construction sheeting, to prevent your structural timber from getting wet and decaying as a result of wet rot.