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Manufacturers Fabricate and Supply Timber Frames and Trusses For the Construction of a New Home

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During the construction of a new home, the quality of the timber used in the framework is an important consideration if the home is to stand the test of time and be a sound investment well into the future. Manufacturers of timber frames and trusses can provide timber roof trusses, pre-assembled wall frames, eaves and floor joists to the builder or owner builder, making it easier to construct a new home more quickly and efficiently. The team can deliver the required type and quantity of timber product to the building site, regardless of how big or small the project.

Crane-fitted trucks deliver timber frames trusses to the site, while consideration is always given to the placement of the frames and trusses so that they can be erected as easily as possible. Experienced fabricators and detailers are able to fabricate timber products for any type of roof, no matter how difficult or unusual, whether the project is for a town house, family home or an extension. From basic designs to the most complex projects, trusses are supplied for any situation.

It is essential that the manufacturer responds quickly to any query and provides a requested quote for each customer, because every job is important. The latest Pryda detailing software is used to design and engineer the timber trusses from initial quote through to product delivery, helping to deliver quality products and meet all delivery deadlines so that construction of the new home can proceed as smoothly as possible to be completed on time.

All timber truss and timber wall frames are made to Australian Standards and are certified. The option for T2 treated timber comes with a 25 year termite-proof guarantee, providing extra protection and durability to a new home or structure. Frames are custom-built for each job, as per individual plans, and manufactured according to specifications. Timber size and spacings may be modified if required, or standard measurements can be used. In all standard trusses, the top and bottom chords are 90 mm minimum, rather than 70 mm, and there are no overstretched web spacings - they are best kept minimal in order to give a stronger truss. Each truss is designed and manufactured according to specified loads.

All timber trusses and frames are sourced from sustainable Australian plantations of radiata pine. The timber is kiln dried and sized to a uniform standard so that the timber product will not warp or shrink. Machine graded to a minimum standard of MGP 10, it is then either left untreated, or optionally is H2 treated for added durability. This structural timber can then be used for all timber frames and trusses, allowing manufacturers to provide the ready-made timber products for the construction of every new home.